Release Notes 27th November 2018

New Airbnb Photo Management update and more

Please see below ResBook releases for the 27th of November 2018.


A new feature for Airbnb has been rolled out that changes how ResBook users manage photos on Airbnb. This is described below:

Airbnb Photo Management

Where is it?

Now if Airbnb is active, under Photo Gallery > Rooms, a "ResBook" option to manage ResBook photos will show. On top of that, if an individual Airbnb listing is active and set to full sync with ResBook, an "Airbnb" option to manage Airbnb photos will show. This is where properties can manage Airbnb listing photos for those listings that have already been set up and synced.

When activating a listing for the first time, ResBook will still use the ResBook photo gallery to create the listing however, after that images showing on Airbnb can be managed via the Airbnb photo section described above (as long as the listing is set to full sync).

Whats new about it?

This new section provides a bunch of new functionality along with major speed/usability updates.

The new functionality is listed below:

  • Users can now delete and upload photos directly to Airbnb.
  • Users can now alter the order their photos showen in the gallery on Airbnb. Ordering updates will automatically amend all photos to set them in their new order. For Example, changing the order of photo 3 to rank 1, will also cause the previous photo ordered 1 to become rank 2 and the prevous photo 2 to become the new rank 3.
  • Users can now add captions to their Airbnb photos.
  • Everything saves as you edit it.
  • The gallery section will limit you to 7 photos minimum, this is to prevent Airbnb unlisting those listings that have under 7 photos. If you wish to delete a photo and only have 7, upload the new one and then delete the one you want.


  • Airbnb - Availability updates improved.

Posted by Antony on November 27, 2018

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