New Booking on mobile is here!

Are you as excited as we are?! Read about our latest updates to our ResBook mobile PWA.

Please see below ResBook releases for the 21st of May 2019.

ResBook Mobile New Booking is here

We have been waiting for this day for a while. ResBook mobile users can now create new bookings directly from their phone in an easy, smooth and user friendly manner.

I am not sure what ResBook mobile is... what is it? and where can I get it?

If you are a ResBook customer simply head to on your mobile. This is our mobile application. Once you are here just save it to you're home screen like any other favorite page you may have. If your stuck check out these instructions for both apple and android users.



Now, if you exit your browser you will see a ResBook icon next to your other applications. Open it and our mobile application will now act like a typical mobile app you can get from the app store or play store.

Note: Please ensure you are using your phones latest operating system or browser version if you are having trouble downloading the app. Recommended browsers to use are safari & chrome.

So now that you have the app on your phone, you can log in using your normal ResBook details. The first thing the app shows you is what we call the Agenda view. The agenda view basically shows you any bookings arriving on the days listed here. You can continuously scroll down as long as you like, to see bookings in the near future.

And if you are wanting a specific day in the future you can skip to it using the calendar icon in the menu.

Ok great, so how does the new booking feature work?

ResBook mobile will now allow users to create a new booking from the "plus" icon in the menu as well as by clicking on any individual day.

Step 1: Selecting your inventory

Once you have decided to make a booking you will be bought to step 1 where the app will ask you for the date range and the stock unit you wish to make the booking for. If you entered this step by click on the "new booking" button under a particular date the arrival date will be pre-selected for you however, you can change this if you like.

When checking your dates you may find some grayed out areas, this means you have no availability for any units for those dates. You can still pick these dates if you like.

Once you set your dates, the app will check ResBook for all your units availability. It will list available units, available classifications (including flagging those that may create a split booking) as well as unavailable classifications/units.

A split booking is where the classification may have the availability to place the booking but by doing so you may need to cover it by using several different rooms or moving another booking around.

You can select any unit to place a booking for.

Step 2: Entering the guest details

Once you have selected your dates and unit you will be provided with a new page whereby you can enter the booking details. Here, ResBook mobile will auto-fill "2" adults as a default and collect your rate from ResBook automatically.

If you alter this rate or update the adults/children fields, a button will appear named "Calculate Rate". This button can be used to collect the rate in ResBook again depending on your latest changes or if you decide you actually want to use the ResBook rate after previously changing it.

Once you have set the rate you want and entered the other guest details you can pick the status of the booking then place it.

And thats everything, a new booking will be sent to your ResBook account straight away from anywhere you may be.

For more information see our first ever new feature tutorial video below.

Other Releases:

  • ResBook Mobile: Continuous scrolling has been implemented on the Agenda view and the "load more" button has been removed. Users can now continue to scroll for as long as they like to see their upcoming bookings.

Posted by Antony on May 21, 2019

" As B&B operators, ResBook offers an easy to use navigation system, enabling us to track all bookings from enquiries to final payment & thank-you emails. Using ResBook has increased our reservations and given us peace of mind operating our B&B." Fay & Lindsay Turner, Finlay Banks Boutique Bed & Breakfast

" We've been extremely pleased with the new website, ResBook and channel manager! Bookings exceeding our expectations!" Charlie, GM, Raglan Palm Beach Motel

" ResBook has allowed us to substantially increase the direct bookings on our website and offer upselling and packages for our lodge. I highly recommended ResBook and Tomahawk to others" Richard Rooney, GM, Wharekauhau Lodge