Agenda View goes live!

The ResBook team has just launched our new Agenda view allowing you to manage and filter upcoming bookings. Read all about this new exciting addition to ResBook.

Please see below ResBook releases for the 11th of September 2019.

Our navigation changes have also gone live. If you wish to know more read the release notes here.

ResBook's brand new Agenda View has just gone live.

This development for ResBook has been in the works for a few months now so we are all very excited to bring it to you!

What is it? and how do I access it?

The Agenda view provides the below benefits that can help you manage bookings day to day:

  • You can set the Agenda view as your default view on log in.
  • The Agenda view lists all upcoming bookings for the next calendar year as well as those bookings in house and checking out.
  • You can view a bookings details directly from this view.
  • Filtering bookings is now easier and more powerful than ever before.
  • Unique icons on bookings allow you to track which agents they are from as well as which have alerts.
  • Tool-tips provide the ability to see all information available.
  • You can now check guests in and out more comprehensively.

Setting the Agenda view as your default view

If you feel like this view may be more important for your day to day operations you can set up the system to bring you to the Agenda view first when you log in.

To do this up simply head to system settings, calendar settings and switch the default view to Agenda view. The next time you log in, you will be displayed with the Agenda view straight away.

To get to the calendar from the Agenda view you can simply click the calendar button in the sub navigation. And the vice versa applies here to.

If you keep your default set to calendar you can navigate to the Agenda view using a similar button in the same place.

Exploring the Agenda view

Firstly, the Agenda view will show you upcoming bookings. These bookings are ordered by arrival date except for a few exceptions. Those are the bookings departing today that need to be checked out or those bookings that currently have guests in house.

ResBook will continuously gather bookings and present them to you as you scroll down the page. You can continue like this for the next calendar year.

For each booking the Agenda view will display:

  • Booking ID.
  • Booking name.
  • A few special icons if they are applicable.
  • Room/Property name.
  • Booking category color.
  • Arrival date.
  • Number of guests.
  • Number of nights.
  • Booking total.
  • Balance due.
  • Booking notes.
  • Bookings check in/check out status.

Tip: the Booking ID is clickable. So, you are free to amend or view more details of any booking straight from this view.

Filtering by booking information

The category filter can be found clicking on the filter icon above the column with the booking category colors.

This allows you to filter your upcoming bookings by the following:

  • Bookings checking in.
  • Bookings in house.
  • Bookings checking out.
  • Bookings that are confirmed.
  • Bookings with a balance due.
  • Lastly, bookings that are still currently pending confirmation.

To apply the filters you have selected, simply hit the apply button and if you want to remove the options you have selected, simply click on the clear link that will appear once a selection has been made.

Few handy filter combinations

We have listed a few handy filter combinations and what results they will give you:

  1. Selecting Ready for check in, In house and Ready for check out: Provides all bookings arriving, departing or in house today.
  2. Selecting Balance due and Confirmed: Returns any bookings that are confirmed but also with a balance due.
  3. Selecting Balance due and Pending: Returns any bookings that are pending but also with a balance due.

Note: Pending and Confirmed category colors can be managed by the calendar settings and will be the same on your Agenda view as your Calendar.

How the filters are displayed on the Agenda view:

  • Green: Any bookings checking in regardless of booking status or if a balance due amount exists.
  • Brown: Any bookings checking out regardless of booking status or if a balance due amount exists.
  • Gray: Any bookings in house regardless of booking status or if a balance due amount exists.
  • Purple: Any bookings that are confirmed with a balance due.
  • Confirmed color: Any bookings that are confirmed but do not have a balance due.
  • Pending color: Any bookings that are pending regardless whether or not there is a balance due.

Filtering by the Room/Property list filter

This allows you to filter your upcoming bookings by specific stock units or classifications.

Simply find the units in the list you wish to filter by and select apply.

Tip: you can use both filters together, so you are totally free to filter for something like “all pending bookings coming up for the lake view unit”.

Icons found on the Agenda view

Using the Agenda view you will notice a few interesting icons alongside different bookings.

Currently, the Agenda view supports two booking icons.

The first one is an Agent icon. If an agent is attached to a booking you will see the same icon we use for Agents on the calendar next to the booking name. We have also included a tooltip which lets you see which agent it is.

Avid ResBook users will know through our channel connections, that you can set up agents to automatically attach to bookings so this can help you keep on top of where different bookings are from every day, automatically.

The second icon keeps you aware of any bookings that contain an alert. You can add alerts from the top right-hand side of the booking form from within ResBook. We have also included a little tool tip here to let you know the number of alerts.

If you wish to view them, simply click on the booking id to view the booking. 

How tool tips help you get more out of the Agenda view

We have included tool tips for any text that does not fit so by simply hovering your mouse over a long set of notes, ResBook will give you a pop up that lets you read all the content.

If you have a multi-room booking the room/property column will show you the primary room name with a little plus 1 or 2 depending on how many extra rooms the guest has booked.

If they are switching rooms throughout, this primary room will update each day with the room they should now be in.

Checking Guests in/out

The Agenda view makes this process the clearest yet in ResBook history and gives you the option on the right-hand side of the page to completely manage it in one place.

When clicking on the check in button for a guest that has arrived, ResBook will move the booking to the in-house column and raise an invoice for the booking.

That booking will then live in that in-house state until the day of their departure. When that day comes around and they are ready to check out, clicking on check out button will set the booking to a departed status. The next day this booking will be removed from the Agenda view.

Check in/out updates to the booking detail pop up in ResBook

In order to match how the previous check in/out functionality worked in ResBook we have made some updates here too.

Check in will be available via the booking detail page 7 days prior to their arrival date as before. However, the below changes have been made to align this functionality with the new Agenda view:

  • Once the check in button is pressed on either the Agenda view or booking detail page the booking detail page will also state the guest/s are now in house.
  • If a guest is not checked in by the day after their arrival date, the above will be done for you as is the case for the Agenda view.
  • When a guest is checked out on either the booking detail page or Agenda view, the "in house" tag on the booking detail page will disappear.

Note: For our ResBook users taking advantage of our integration with Kounta, you will need to ensure that you check guests in no later than their arrival date. The check in button is no longer available after a bookings arrival date, so that is the opportunity to send the guests details to Kounta in order to charge additional services direct to the booking during their stay.

For more information check out our tutorial video below

Posted by Antony on September 11, 2019

" ResBook has allowed us to substantially increase the direct bookings on our website and offer upselling and packages for our lodge. I highly recommended ResBook and Tomahawk to others" Richard Rooney, GM, Wharekauhau Lodge

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