2018 with the ResBook Team

With the introduction of our feature request page and product updates blog, 2018 brought our team closer to our customers then ever. Let's finish off the year by taking a look back at everything the team released!

Welcome to the first annual ResBook Product Yearly Overview!

Now that we have introduced the product update blog we thought it would be great to go over all the hard work our team released this year.


During January the team focused on releasing the new calendar feature for ResBook. Along with the Owner-statement rebuild, this was one of the first few features built using React js.

This saw the team complete the below in order to finish off the feature:

  • Closed room opening from the calendar
  • Alert Tag Implementation
  • Ability to Extend closed rooms from the calendar
  • Added support for different date formats

February - March

Next, the team jumped right into Airbnb development. This integration was our first ever content rich connection which brought with it alot of learnings. The team covered the below key areas for Airbnb for the initial release:

  • Booking Management
  • Listing Management
  • Rates Management
  • Minimum Stays Management
  • Photo Management
  • Airbnb - ResBook account connection

During this period we also had our Owner-statement rewrite go live as well as our brand new ResBook website.

April - June

Over the next few months the team worked to implement a brand new way to manage/set up your ResBook account. The ResBook set up Wizard was also developed using React js and launched in June. It provides new functionality around rate/minimum stay management as well as a central place to set up the basic settings of your ResBook account. The below features were delivered for the set up wizard:

  • General Information
  • Policies
  • Rate Management
  • Minimum Stays Management
  • Room Management

On top of the above, the team added the below new features:

  • Owner-statements - Booking parts processing support
  • Certified & Launched Airbnb
  • Forward Bookings Report


In July the team pushed on to our next project improving our current sign up process. This included building a brand new sign up form currently accessible via the new ResBook website.

During the month the team also managed to release the below:

  • Agent Summary Report
  • Monthly Forward Booking Report
  • Financial Information Report
  • Support for Linked Rooms Management was added to the set up wizard
  • Support for cancelation policies, room types, check in/out, security deposits and cleaning fees was added for Airbnb
  • Unit testing (a type of development testing) was also rolled out throughout ResBook leading to more efficient ongoing development


In August we began our first steps into our mobile progressive web application. This included delivering the below features:

  • Initial application structure
  • Log in functionality

On top of the mobile application the team managed to cover off the below highlights:

  • Added support for Mr/Mrs Smith OTA
  • Added wait listing yellow line to the new calendar
  • Improved Owner-statements balance handling

This month also saw our beloved product update blog go live. For a little nostalgia why not read our first post here.


This month another historic feat was reached for ResBook. Our first ever PWA (progressive web application) was released supporting the Agenda View functionality. This provides properties with the ability to view upcoming arrival bookings. We have alot planned for this new branch of ResBook which the team are putting their effort into as we read this.

Read about the mobile app release here.

On top of the mobile application the team delivered a range of features including the below:

  • Updates to Owner statement GST, PDF, etc.
  • Rate Percentage Adjustment feature for Airbnb
  • Ability to alter agent commission per booking
  • Improvements to our Booking.com direct connection


During October we took the opportunity to improve the current ResBook API offering. This allows partners to connect to the product in more ways. This has provided some great opportunities for our customers to improve their ResBook guest booking experience if they wish by implementing a custom calendar with Tomahawk/Netzone.

These API endpoints will also form the base for a large range of new features that the team are working on including creating a new booking on our mobile application.

The team managed to also roll out a range of features such as the below:

  • Update handling of failed payments
  • Owner Statements - Sorting Improvements
  • Service Fee Support for Airbnb

During October our customer facing team also conducted our latest round of customer feedback. This included surveys covering both your business and your thoughts on ResBook. A massive thank you for everyone that got involved!

As always it is never too late to tell us what you think so if you are interested in providing us feedback simply get in touch with support.

Already, we have identified and started working on some amazingly exciting features that we wish to deliver in 2019.


Throughout the last months of the year our team ramped up support for new feature requests. They managed to release the below features before our code freeze kicked in:

  • Rate Percentage Adjustment feature for Booking.com
  • Improved Photo Management for Airbnb
  • Improved Cleaning fee logic for Airbnb
  • Improved Rejected Airbnb listing management for Airbnb
  • Added categories filter to Services for the manual booking form
  • Ability to open closed rooms on bulk

November also gave us a new way to communicate with our users through our new Feature Request Page. This provides ResBook users with the ability to vote on any request they will find helpful that has been passed through the support team and run past our development team. This is already proving in be an invaluable tool to ensure that we are developing to your needs.

To read all about it click here.

In other news, our customer support team has been spending the last few months re-arranging our support desk to make it more user friendly and useful to all our customers. Keep visiting the support desk to see new ways to help make the most from your ResBook account.

So stay tuned to the Product Update Blog in the new year to keep up to date with all our progress.

We are very excited for the new year ahead as we believe it will bring development that is much more aligned with the needs of you, our customers.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


Posted by Antony on December 20, 2018

" We've been extremely pleased with the new website, ResBook and channel manager! Bookings exceeding our expectations!" Charlie, GM, Raglan Palm Beach Motel

" As B&B operators, ResBook offers an easy to use navigation system, enabling us to track all bookings from enquiries to final payment & thank-you emails. Using ResBook has increased our reservations and given us peace of mind operating our B&B." Fay & Lindsay Turner, Finlay Banks Boutique Bed & Breakfast

" ResBook has allowed us to substantially increase the direct bookings on our website and offer upselling and packages for our lodge. I highly recommended ResBook and Tomahawk to others" Richard Rooney, GM, Wharekauhau Lodge