ResBook Feature Roadmap

Find out all the features and improvements we're currently working on and what we've recently launched

What we're working on

Improving the Airbnb integration to support ResBook classifications
ResBook Mobile App

Continuing to work on features for our new mobile application which includes: Canceling a booking, Amending a booking, Check in/out and more

Adding improvements with Account2Account functionality to allow bank payments 
We are excited to annouce that we are entering a new partnership with STAAH, connecting to STAAH MAX channel manager. Look forward to a direct connection in the first half of 2020, already in Beta testing.
Continuing to work on rates management overhaul including the ability to have multiple rate plans for room types.

Recently Launched

Google Address autocomplete functionality. This meaning that when an address is being typed, autocomplete will fill in the rest

Enhanced Ecommerce layer update providing indepth and insightful data tracking. Offers marketers the ability to fully customize Google Analytics around your properties purchasing funnel
Agenda View
Adding an alternative way of booking management in form of a list of bookings, rather than Calendar
Email Templates
Adding Balance due automated email, hide email template functionality, owner booking email to help property manager automating their booking workflow?

Main Menu
Updating our navigation's look and feel, updating footer and implementing a new navigations for tablet users