ResBook Feature Roadmap

Find out all the features and improvements we're currently working on and what we've recently launched

What we're working on

ResBook Mobile App Phase 2
Completing the features for our new mobile application which includes; Amending a booking, Check in/out and more..
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STAAH Integration
We are excited to annouce that we are entering a new partnership with STAAH. STAAH is a New Zealand owned channel manager. Our customers can look forward to a direct connection in the first half of 2019.
Custom Reporting
As our customer base has grown we have seen many requests for all sorts of reports. In 2019 we will be working to provide a custom reporting tool that will let you create whichever report you wish.
Rates Management Overhaul
This involves a new interface to manage rates more efficiently and includes the ability to have multiple rates plans for your room types.
Specials, Deals, Promotions
Call them what you like, we'll be offering more types to choose from; straight discounts, stay and pay, last minute deals and early booking discounts.
We'll be adding more types of restrictions allowing you to set not just minimum stays but maximum stays, closed to arrivals and closed to departures.

Recently Launched

We have added in product notifications and other announcements directly into ResBook. Experience fantastic in product communication and information about the Tourism industry.
ResBook Mobile App
A new mobile version of ResBook that allows you to view upcoming arrivals, guest information and create new bookings.
We are excited to announce that ResBook is the first property management system in New Zealand to offer a full-content, real-time, direct integration with Airbnb.
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New Reports
These new reports are now available; Monthly forward bookings, Agent summary, Financial performance and annual forward bookings.
Onboarding Wizard
The new onboarding wizard allows new users to easily and quickly get their ResBook up and running and start getting bookings.