Instagram guide for tourism operators

If you have used Facebook in the past then this will be a walk in the park as we will be using that platform to set up our Instagram audience.

Hands-down Instagram is now our new favourite social platform!

The reason why comes down to the fact that "we all love pictures". According to Webdam, visual platforms are now growing faster than ones that are predominately text-based.

As a tourism operator, you may be unsure how to make Instagram work for your business, how to define goals, how to set up the right target audiences and how to design a marketing budget. In this guide below we're going to go over the basics so that you can benefit just as many others do with Instagram!

Before we begin, let's review 3 great reasons to be on Instagram

  • There are over 1 billion active accounts
  • 80% of these accounts are following at least 1 business!
  • 60% of people discover new products or businesses on Instagram

Ok now, let's start learning how to manage Instagram.

Setting goals for Instagram

Goals are the most important element before starting with your Instagram strategy. Yup, you may have started just banging out content and have a mix of content now and that's alright. But moving forward have a good think about your goal(s) before the next post is written.

Your goal(s) may be a mix of trying to gain new customers with a brand strategy and keeping in touch with your current customer base and this is fine as well, but having a clear goal in mind before you create each post will help your account stay in tune with what you want to achieve.

If you are looking to gain new customers we suggest running some ads that target these relevant individuals. If you are looking to build your relationship with your current customer base then having quizzes and contests to increase engagement levels and to ultimately help your customers would be a great strategy. After all, we need both in order for your business to keep growing!

The Instagram Audience Match

Now you have your goals defined it's time to consider what your audience looks like. If you have used Facebook in the past then this will be a walk in the park as we will be using that platform to set up our Instagram audience!

When you are targeting an audience, you can define their age, where they reside, what they like, what they do, as well as 'target' by what they look like. This 'look like' option is known as a lookalike audience. In brief, a 'lookalike' audience is a summary or fingerprint of your customers and using the powers of Facebook this is used to profile others that match your customers and target them. Clever eh!

Let's say you want to target men and women over the age of 40 who live in the US, and love traveling then you can define this upfront!


It's really important to target your audience correctly as you do not want to waste your money on individuals that have no interest in your tourism business!

The budget; what options are on Instagram?

There are two options in regards to spending levels on Instagram, you can set a daily budget limit or you can define a campaign lifetime budget. The daily will ensure you are targeting a set amount each day while the more flexible approach is to use a campaign lifetime budget.

We suggest if you are targeting new customers that you begin with a daily fixed budget which allows you to watch and be conservative with your investment in this area. Once you start gaining traction you can then move into a more flexible strategy and switch to the lifetime model due to the certainty around the results!

When it comes to optimisation of the ads that are delivered, you should consider again your main goals; are you branding or are your looking for engagement and conversions? 

If you are interested in branding then impressions might be the best option whereas if you are looking for website engagement then it makes more sense to optimise the delivery for clicks.

The key to success with Instagram are the goals, the target audience and then your content. Target well, include amazing content to delight new customers and grow your connections with your customers with memorable products and services.





Posted by on August 23, 2018

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