Feature Requests

Feel free to vote on any feature requests that would be helpful to running your business.

If you have a feature request you'd like to see here then please get in touch with our support team: [email protected]

You can vote for each feature once per month.

New Requests

New Calendar - Ability to add icons to bookings

Ability to add an icon to a booking. This icon would then display on the calendar to remind ResBook users of a special requirement of that booking. E.g. a wine bottle (if they ordered one on arrival) or dinner icon (if they ordered dinner throughout their stay).

51 votes
Balance due - New guest booking rules

When a booking is placed with an arrival date within the balance due period, the amount charged to the guest should change from only charging the deposit to charging the full balance.

29 votes
Minimum night stays - short range bookings

For bookings within a given period from their requested arrival date if provided, override the minimum night stay period rules and allow bookings for any number of nights.

27 votes
Owner Statements - Add number of Guests to PDF

Add the number of guests for each accommodation summary to the Owner Statement UI and PDF. This will give owners an understanding of why high cleaning or linen fees could occur after particular bookings.

21 votes
Agent Summary/Agency statement - Set Agent list to alphabetical order

For the Agent Summary/Agency statement reports - Set Agent list to alphabetical order.

21 votes
Manual Booking - Printable Check in Form

Ability to print a form from Resbook which contains: Guest name, address, phone number email address, arrival date, departure date, room/classification booked & number of guests. Option to select either booking total or amount paid for agent bookings. Notes. Sign in area for guests.

20 votes
Email Notifications - Ability to set up email notifications for failed payment bookings

Ability to set either instant notifications or daily notifications of any bookings that fail at the payment stage.

19 votes
Minimum night stays - close range bookings

For bookings that are 7 days, 14 days or 1 month out, allow 1 night stays where a higher minimum stay period is typical.

15 votes
Email Templates - Add more custom templates

Add more "Empty" Templates for property customization

15 votes
Reports - Custom Default Date

In all reports, offer the ability after selecting the desired date range to have that date range remain the default in that report.

14 votes
New Calendar - Paid Invoice flag

Add an icon to state the latest invoice has been completely paid for the related booking, on the booking's summary.

13 votes
Manual Booking - Integrate the new customer form with the booking form

Integrate new guest functionality so that it only pops up if you want to add more than basic information.

11 votes
New Calendar - Make current year more obvious

Possibly with a bold heading above the calendar

9 votes
Owner Statements - Add GL Code to Summary table

Show the GL Code for each item on the Owner Statement summary UI.

8 votes
Owner Bookings - Unique colour for owner bookings

Owner bookings should have their own colour on the calendar

8 votes
Contacts - New Staff Member default settings

Assign all stock units to a new staff profile by default when creating them.

7 votes
Services - Ability to search service by name

Ability to search services by name when adding one to a booking.

7 votes
Xero - Updated payments from Xero

Enhance the integration with Xero to retrieve updated invoice details when they are changed in Xero. This will create the opportunity for bank transfers or other payments outside of ResBook to be matched with bookings and automatically updated within ResBook.

7 votes
Booking.com - Add simular agent logic as per the Airbnb connection

Add the ability for users to pick an agent on the portal page for Booking.com. This agent would automatically add itself to all Booking.com bookings as they come in and apply the commission to it.

6 votes
Balance Remaining - Charge balance remaining depending on terms & conditions

ResBook should charge the balance remaining automatically if the account has Payment Express depending on the balance due rule.

5 votes
Airbnb - Discount Support

Support the various discount options that Airbnb provides and allows ResBook to manage.

4 votes

Feature Requests in Progress

These are all the feature requests you've voted on that are currently in progress

Airbnb - Support Classifications

Ability for classifications in ResBook to be listed with Airbnb.

11 votes

Completed Feature Requests

Notifications - Return Guest Warning

A Flag in ResBook to alert users of a returning guest.

56 votes
New Calendar - Different Colours for check in/out

The new calendar should display bookings in their own colour if they are ready to be checked in as well as in their own colour if they are ready to be checked out.

34 votes
Thank you email - update

Thank you emails should only send to guests after the booking has departed not owners as well.

21 votes
Booking Detail Page - Default More Booking Information Open

As default keep both the "Additional Information" and "Notes & Comments" sections open when viewing a booking.

17 votes
Manual Booking - Changing the new guest country default

Change the default country for adding a new guest to Unknown. Currently this is set to New Zealand. If the property forgets to change this at the time of booking, data can be skewed.

16 votes
Check in/out - Ability to set per stock unit

If this has been set it should override the property set check in/out times.

14 votes
Countries - Improve functionality

Improve countries in ResBook to auto-select resgions/counties if a city is selected and to provide more options.

12 votes
Email Templates - Ability to hide those that are not in use

Possibly with a hidden section that is closed and ability to select a template to send to the hidden section.

9 votes
Airbnb - Support Minimum Lead Time

Ability to manage minimum lead time for each room listed on Airbnb and connected with ResBook.

6 votes
Housekeeping - Updates to Navigation

Alter the housekeeping button so it takes the user to a Housekeeping menu. This will allow those using tablets to get to other housekeeping options such as settings and schedule instead of simply the housekeeping calendar. We will then add calendar as a menu item as well.

5 votes
Services - Add a category filter when adding services to a booking

Ability to filter by category when in the services tab of the booking detail page.

1 votes
Close Rooms - Managing Multiple Closed Rooms

Ability to select multiple closed rooms at once and open them back up.

Airbnb - Service Fee Support

ResBook should add the host fee charged to the property by Airbnb to the booking as agent commission.

SMS Global Integration - Ability to add more than 160 characters per message

Ability for ResBook to send multiple texts if the word limit of a text of 160 characters has been reached.

Payment Gateway Bookings - Ability to view failed bookings

Ability to view bookings that failed at the time of payment from the cancelled booking list under the booking tab.

Agent Statement - Add Email Functionality

Add the ability to email an agent their agent statement directly from ResBook.

Owner Statements - Update to ordering

Entries within an Owner Statement should be ordered by date it occurred not when it was added where applicable.

Booking.com - Rate percentage adjuster

Ability to adjust ResBook rates by a percentage amount before sending them to Booking.com.

Airbnb - Update cleaning fee logic

Ability to select which cleaning fee to send to Airbnb from the Airbnb portal page. This will provide more flexibility for those with a cleaning fee already in place.

Airbnb - Photo Management

Improved photo management to allow different photos in Airbnb than ResBook once the listing has been created. Ability to also write photo captions and set image ranking.

Stock unit settings - Add maximum number of adults/children

Add the ability to set the maximum number of adults and children a stock unit can manage.

Airbnb - Support Extra Person rate

Ability to manage an extra person rate for each room listed on Airbnb from within ResBook.

Siteminder - Integration update settings

Ability to pick if the integration automatically sends minimum stays and rates or not.

Reports - Daily Snapshot

A forecast report so we can see a break down of coming arrivals, stayovers, departures and guest numbers for each night.

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