Frequently Asked Questions

Let's see if we can answer all of your questions about ResBook below. If not, please contact us!


Q: Will I be able to take bookings from my website?

A: Yes! That is the magic of ResBook, you will be able to receive bookings through your website. You can choose to make it instant (take bookings while you sleep) or as "on request."


Q: What makes ResBook different?

A: Look, we’re not the only shop in town, but we believe our experience and understanding of the tourism industry, our clever and damn good looking team and our superior technology means we are a superior all-round solution for any accommodation provider.

The ResBook system is easy to use, requires little training, you can start with a basic system and the system can grow as your business grows. Don't believe us? Fair enough, read Capterra for reservation software reviews. 

Q: Can I take "Requests" for bookings instead of Instant Bookings?

A: Yes you can but if you choose to do ‘on request’ bookings then you cannot work with a Channel Manager for your Online Travel Agents (, Expedia) because they require instant bookings.


Q: What types of businesses can use ResBook?

A: ResBook was created by tourism operators for tourism operators. It is perfect for a wide range of accommodation providers, from a single holiday home, to a B&B or Inn; from a backpackers hostel, luxury resort, or even for a property manager (see ResBookPro) with hundreds of properties.

And ResBook is integrating with so many partners like Kouta, a cloud based Point of Sale system so for small to medium hotels, functionality is covered!  Check out examples of our clients to see a few real examples of various accommodation styles using ResBook.

Q: What is a cloud-based system?

A: A cloud-based system gives you the ability to log in online and manage your bookings and business, anywhere, anytime. It does not require an app; there is no initial installation of programs, downloads or required hardware. You can manage your bookings whilst you are on holiday anywhere in the world…with internet access! It is that simple.

Q: Can the ResBook calendar fit onto my website? Is this easy?

A: Yes, and Yes! It can fit into any website and it is easy. We supply you with a line of code, you take this to your web developer and they can embed the calendar onto your website. You can send this link to your developer 'and it shall be done.'

Q: How do I take payments? Can I securely take online payments with ResBook?

A: ResBook is not a payment gateway, but we do seamlessly integrate with Payment Express which is offered by Direct Payment Solutions (DPS) and is one of the world’s leading providers in online payment technology. Once set up, your customers can pay at the time of booking in part or in full. You may also choose to process payments internally.

Q: I don’t need payment processing, can I still use ResBook?

A: Sure, we would love you to!

Q: Do I have to sign a contract?

A: No, there are no contracts. We believe ResBook is the best and stand by our system, not a contract. If you don’t love ResBook or think it is not right for your business, we don’t want you to be tied to a contract.

Q: How much does ResBook cost?

A: You decide! ResBook allows you to choose the Free version where you only pay when you getting a booking or a fixed fee. ResBookPro is a fixed monthly fee. 

Q: How do I get support?

A: At ResBook we know that good support is critical to your business. We give every customer the support they need and you don’t have to pay more to hear our voices on the phone or get prompt service! We have integrated training manuals and videos and offer email and phone support 7 days a week.

Q: Do you offer a reseller or referral program?

Yes siree, we definitely want to thank you for singing our praises to others. Ask about our Referral / affiliate program or click here to send a referral now and begin earning. 

Did we answer all of your questions? If not, please ask us!