How do you get more sales from your hotel website

Posted by Dave Lemmon on July 10, 2018

How Do You Get More Sales From Your Small Hotel Website

Yeah, a pretty good question, one we hear from most of the clients that come to us for help.
With the majority of business coming from online channels the importance of website performance is now paramount to your overall business success!

Many small hotel sites are designed by creative teams of people whose job, was to build a website that looked pretty, acted in some orderly fashion and/or mimicked their client brochure. And to some degree, for the most part, followed a traditional look and feel that others had on their websites. Ok, so where to from here?

Well just lately, well in fact, for the past five or so years, small hotel owners have been looking at ways that they can generate more sales from their website – and this is where the whole design first and sell later comes into the forefront.

Why Small Hotel Websites Fail

As I mentioned above, people went to website designers, the designer come up with a beautiful website which promised so much, but in reality, delivered nothing or very little in the way of  new business sales. In fact most of them deliver the same percentage of visitors as their old one did!

So Let's review a typical website, lovely homepage with pretty colours, a big “Welcome to” at the centre of the page, followed by content and links to other areas of their website. Traditionally, there is an about us, what we do, our location, contact us, our services, our products…blah blah. Sounds like a winning combination
right, well, not really…let's consider a few things here…what do I want from my website, what is it that I want to achieve, and why have I gone out and spent hard earned money on my website?

Do I just want a brochure but in electronic format, hmm maybe not, OK..stay with me here, what if I was to ask you this!

"If your best sales rep went to a meeting with a potential customer and all they talked about was what was inside your company brochure do you think that this sales rep would be successful? Probably not right? Remember guys,   people that come to visit your small hotel website are effectively people that you are selling to, OK..we are getting closer.

Why small hotel websites succeed

Here is a typical point of difference with websites that sell and convert visitors into bookings over traditional brochure based sites

1. They focus on telling people where they are
2. They tell the user what they can achieve by staying, what is close by, the location, the map, the facilities. The focus on the customer's needs!
3. And they then give the visitor reasons to act, Book today and you go into a Draw for a free breakfast or some other incentive
4. They provide users with a clear channel of where things are located and how to access them
5. They focus the content on “what’s in it for them”
6. They make sure their “unique sales proposition” is in the eye-line not hidden on a product page or about us page

Where Does Your Small Hotel Website Fit? When you follow these guidelines not only will you have a website that is designed to sell but you will own a web presence that works for you 24/7 365 days a year and that my friend is the secret to having a site that generates more bookings and sales for your hotel.


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Good luck,
Until next time, Dave

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