The Villa owners guide to more bookings

Today we are going to discuss plans and ideas to ensure your Villa makes the most of the booking opportunities available. 3 simple ideas to generate more direct bookings today are

With bookings in your beautiful Villa the main revenue stream for your property, not having a proper strategy or roadmap planned well in advance to ensure you get your fair share is like walking on glass without shoes hoping not to get cut!  Yeah, that statement is probably not the "perfect analogy" but in saying that, the pain of cut feet and no revenue for some may feel very similar!

Today we are going to discuss some plans and ideas to ensure your Villa makes the most of the opportunities available.

3 simple ideas to generate more direct bookings

  1. Get some packages and promotions in place

  2. Make certain your Villa is stunning not only online but in reality

  3. Connect with others who can help broaden your customer base

Package and promotion ideas for your Villa

With classic packages and ideas for promotions all very similar in nature it's time to deliver something unique. Have a think about an idea based on your location, your Villa "type" and then align this with an offer that nobody else in the marketplace near you can compare with.

Think about creating a unique itinerary bundle, for example; one that connects perfectly with your customer persona.

This type of bundle could include air shuttle experiences that are uniquely crafted to ensure that when someone arrives at the airport they are taken on an experience that others cannot offer prior to arriving at your Villa.

Be an 'outside the box' type of person. Think about what makes your place and your location special and then make it align with the property.

Remember to have fun and don't be afraid to make it really memorable! We want these people talking about the experience.


Make certain your Villa is stunning 

When a visitor lands on your website make sure they experience the same magic online that they do when they visit your premises. Having the experience match the reality is key not only to bookings made but to referrers after the visit.

You only have one opportunity online to convince people to depart with their hard earned cash and to make a booking with you! 

Get it right and keep your revenue stream humming all year round and watch your referrals grow.

Studies show that 92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know so making certain you deliver on the promise will most definitely contribute to your revenue generated throughout the year!

Connect with others 

Visit events and take note of planned meetings with the locals. Getting to know new people in your town not only helps you have a closer connection with your neighbours, it will create and generate a bond with your business and brand.

These connections often stimulate conversations and interest that over time will help broaden your reach and customer base. Think about this; if you can't make the time to embrace and connect with locals, how can you expect to grow your business and revenue streams?

Don't forget to take your business cards with you and during each event try to stimulate new opportunities by introducing yourself to people you have not spoken with prior! There is a goldmine out there so go and talk with your neighbours the next time a planned event comes up close to you.




Posted by Dave Lemmon on July 16, 2018

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