PPC vs SEO, the winner is?

There is a debate in the marketing industry around the benefits of using Google Ads (PPC) advertising instead of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as your main source of website traffic. Which one is more suitable?

There is a debate in the marketing industry around the benefits of using Google Ads (PPC) advertising instead of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as your main source of website traffic.

Which one is more suitable largely comes down to two things; where you see the most value coming from and how quickly you want your return on investment! With PPC quick to implement and the returns almost instant then you may think PPC is the way to go. With SEO, the process is slowly, slowly. It's like comparing the tortoise racing the hare. SEO is a real investment in time and resources but the prize at the end is free traffic, while with PPC you pay and pay and pay!

Visitors to your website are not created equal, which means that people visiting your website have different agendas and with this, in mind, we thought we would share the following stats with you.

The comparisons between PPC and SEO traffic (and the value)

1. PPC traffic converts at 2.03% versus 1.26% for *organic traffic
2. PPC visitors spend about 10% more money on your site than *organically found visitors
3. PPC visitors stay on your site 29% longer than *organically found website visitors

* Organic traffic is made up of visitors that find your site from a search result in Google (without clicking a paid advert)

Here are why these stats are as they are

  • With PPC you 'control all keyword phrases' you want to appear in Google. With organic search (SEO), you don't have the same control over these search queries. In some instances, your site might be found for search phrases that are not related to your business at all but the search engines have tagged your website as having content relevant to this.
  • Google PPC gives you more 'control over the visitor intent'. For example, you can state in PPC that you want to show for a phrase that directly relates to your visitor's intention. Let's say you want to target, “Book today with a Dunedin Lodge” and then when someone types in “Book today with a Dunedin Lodge” your ad comes up at the top of Google. This match with intent ensures you target people that are wanting to book now

The reason  PPC visitors stay longer on your site is that they know what you have is what they have searched for and now want to know more about your business before making a commitment to buy from you.

The reason people spend more money with you is an interesting one. Is it because the PPC visitor is a more serious purchaser and hence has more to spend than the naturally found website visitor?

In our opinion;

  • PPC gives you more control over who see’s your business online and where your business shows (and doesn't show) and will give you an instant boost of traffic due to the fact that you can show on Google today, tomorrow and the next day as long as you are willing to pay for the traffic you get.
  • PPC also gives you the ability to test prices, collect feedback and gather quicker information due to the ability to send a lot of traffic to your site via PPC advertising.
  • So while SEO should not be discounted as a strategy for long-term business, if you are looking for instant gratification then your best bet is to utilize PPC




Posted by Dave Lemmon on July 10, 2018

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