Customer Case Study - Rock the Boat

Sarah from Rock the Boat Cruises in the Bay of Islands runs a dynamic cruise business, and on a daily basis manages multiple revenue streams through Xero and her bookings and property management system, ResBook for a variety of cruise options.

Describe accounting before Xero

Each month, I would spend at least 12 hours just reconciling all my bank accounts, now because my property management system, ResBook, integrates with Xero, I’m spending 2.5 hours each month.

The system did the job, but the requirement to enter our information in more than once was time consuming and not the best use of the systems we had available. I’m saving about two hours every day by not having to double enter information between systems!

What made you decide to change to Xero?

We were constantly getting recommendations to use Xero but I was reluctant to change to a new accounting system until I was sure it would integrate seamlessly with our property management system which holds all of our revenue information already.

When Tomahawk, who provides ResBook, let me know they were integrating with Xero I was 100% in and I have to say it has made a huge difference to my workload. So much so all our other businesses will be moving to Xero on the 1st of April.

Other than saving so much time, what do you love about using Xero with ResBook?

1. Impeccable streamlining:
If a guest or wholesale agent books online, it feeds through ResBook to Xero, and to my bank account. This allows me to clearly track where my income streams are coming from with accuracy as ResBook allows you to choose which GL account you want to post income to for each room type.

2. Robust data and reporting:
Not only do we have an increased level of information about our revenue streams due to the integration, we can tell the exact dollar figure each room type generates for The Rock Overnight Cruise and whether it's worthwhile selling our different services.
We can quickly see what is working and what needs tweaking. It helps us justify changes we want to make to the boat and also to the way we market the product. We feel far better informed about our business and this means we are confident making decisions about where we are going in the future.

3. Getting paid quicker!
I now have the ability to send my invoices straight into Xero from ResBook on a daily basis. It means my agents get invoiced straight away and would you believe it some of them even pay me EARLY!

What would you tell other tourism operators considering using Xero and ResBook?

It's easy to do and it makes your life easier! Just do it. It has been the single biggest improvement we have made to our business systems this year and we love it.