Take direct bookings for your accommodation on the world's #1 Travel Website - TripAdvisor! With ResBook's integration with TripConnect, you can take bookings directly from your TripAdvisor business listing and they land, confirmed in real time, into your ResBook reservation calendar.

ResBook + TripAdvisor = more direct bookings for you!

TripConnect is a new service from Trip Advisor that allows you to include real-time availability, pricing and bookings as part of your TripAdvisor business listing.

ResBook + TripAdvisor

Instead of customers finding your listing on TripAdvisor and being directed to book via a channel such as or Expedia, a link can now appear on TripAdvisor that takes them directly to your ResBook booking calendar.

Don’t pay a commission to and Expedia for a booking taken on your TripAdvisor page, you can avoid the commission taken by channels (TripAdvisor only charges a fee per click) and control the full booking experience.

This is a FREE integration offered by ResBook – there is no charge extra for this service from ResBook.

Trip Advisor will charge a CPC fee (cost per click) when sending customers to your booking page. The actual cost is determined by Trip Advisor on a per listing basis.