Why ResBook?

Five quick reasons why you should sign up with ResBook!

1. Streamline business

One system for taking bookings on your website, managing all of your reservations, invoicing, handling payments, managing your agents, channel management to distribute to 3rd party channels, managing customer relations, distribute email marketing/newsletters, booking and financial reporting, housekeeping plus a seamless integration to Xero cloud based accounting system.

2. Increase your bookings with increased distribution

Take bookings on your website, distribute via the integrated channel manager to 3rd party channels like Booking.com, Expedia and over 40 others plus take direct bookings from your TripAdvisor listing.

3. Accessible any time, any place

Got internet? Then you have access to your ResBook reservation system.

4. Easy to start, easy to learn

We configure the system specifically for your business so when you first login, you see your business already waiting for you. It's easy to use, if you don't believe us, we can introduce you to a number of computer phobic sheep farmers who use ResBook to run their farmstays!

5. Business is working while you sleep

Go to sleep counting sheep then wake up to counting bookings. Each morning, log into ResBook and see that you received not only new bookings but deposits directly into your account!

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